Video Conference

One of the positive things we have learned from COVID is that it is no longer necessary to be physically present at our information evenings.

We use video conferencing to bring participants together in a virtual meeting room. This means that you do not only have to be in one place for our info evenings. Also from a distance, from home or on the road, you can now participate in these info evenings as a Spain enthusiast.

In this way, we can meet in real time and face-to-face in a live meeting room without any travel time or costs.

No download is necessary and by pressing the picture below you can immediately start the video chat at the agreed time.

We hope that this tool will leave a smaller ecological footprint: less pollution from travel, less office space needed and all this makes video conferencing a very green choice.

We therefore hope to welcome you soon for a virtual video info day or evening.

Do you prefer a personal meeting? Then book this easily via



                                                            Click on the photo to start the video call